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Welcome to our updated site.

Originally we catered for the homing pigeon community but our range has evolved over the years with the addition of CNC milling to our unique woodcraft items.

RV WoodcraftRecently we bought over more details to follow. New site soon.

Each product is bespoke and quality meaning our customers get something absolutely unique and special.

Current projects include:

  1. Various nameplates in assorted sizes.
  2. A burr elm clock
  3. An Aztec calendar table
  4. An Audi name plate
  5. A surprise congratulations plaque.
  6. An oak name plate for a potting shed.
  7. Loft signs
  8. Volkswagon memorabilia.

Let us know what you need and we will make it exactly to your specification.

Our workshop in Fife is run by Alex Wight and our process and quality control ensures the workshop is capable of meeting demand safely but not compromising on safety.
Crafty Fifer uses the latest computer controlled CNC milling router to meet the most challenging requirements.

Bespoke Woodcraft

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Last updated Thursday, June 2, 2016