Custom Woodcraft

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01ghearta - MDF letters can be cut out of various thicknesses, and in this case, joined by jigsaw connections.

02lodge - House signs using various kinds of hard woods. This one is in Beech, and was a chopping board, converted into a sign.

03mullin - Personal desk sign for local MP Roger Mullin, which is sitting proudly in his local office.

04raw - Raw hard woods, which look like nothing until machined to show off its beautiful character.    

05raw - Another hard wood, this time Burr elm, machined to show off its elegance.

06c1 - A little travel clock fitted into machined elm. Nice and handy, for the traveller.

07clock2 - Burr elm converted into a nice wall hanging clock.

08alexr - Name plate of alexander cut into a panel of oak flooring.

clock 1473

clock 1473 Free standing burr elm clock, showing off all its characteristics, after being oiled and polished.

I've found my camera so will be putting up better pictures

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Last updated Thursday, June 2, 2016